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Stellar Binary by cosmicbound Stellar Binary by cosmicbound

The Stellar Binary, ageless in form & incessant forever more, brewing amidst a pool of fresh stars, this very binary may hold the key to time & dark matter itself, a fragile precursor to perhaps the hidden universe's construct, the Stellar Binary seemingly keeps the universe in place, fighting dark matter, brewing nebulae, & causing a massive spring of stars constantly to burst fresh life seemingly into the forever growing universe. Only the peaceful & yet invigorating scenery of the Binary Stars themselves have been blessed enough to look upon this Binary Star; The truth in the creation of planets is perhaps that the brew that the Stellar Binary stabilises allows strange procedures to occur in its excited energy; a newly born planet whirls many a light year from the Stellar Binary, as if rushing away from a strange & flighted birth. So many mysteries the universe conceils.


Well this is my new picture. I am quite pleased with the results indeed, im hoping you will be too. A few changes went throughout the creation of the piece, for instance the larger Star of the Stellar Binary had a ring & asteroids floating around it, but i took that out because it look unrealistic, & perhaps gave to much of a focal distraction after i added the planet. Also thanks to Plasmax7 for the critique on my artwork while i was making it, was appreciated. :)

Created at 3000x×4500 resolution at 300 dpi, posted at 50% of full resolution. Created in Photoshop.

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Enjoy! Your feedback is appreciated!
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August 23, 2005
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