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Solar Plexus by cosmicbound Solar Plexus by cosmicbound
Some planets live a terrible, magnificent yet strange life. The planet Anzdaus IV is one such planet, its atmosphere constantly pummelled by solar storms, asteroids, & other whatnot. Although frightening, it is truly veiled in beauty, the surrounding solar activity sprouting nebulous havens, the sun that causes all this havoc, is Ipizn, an extremely large sun indeed, but with the ability to give infinite life to the stars surrounding it. Its surprising Anzdaus IV hasnt been withered & melted into a liquid planet from the immense heat of Ipizn, Anzdaus IV's atmosphere is extremely thick, & the solar winds, while attacking its atmosphere, at the same time, strengthen it everytime.

Finally! its here! after a week of constant work on this piece, this picture represents change, that i will change by spending more time on pictures :)

I hope you enjoy this is as much as i enjoyed making it, & your feedback is appreciated :)

This piece i also had my first attempt at asteroids & impacts :) Look down for links to some close up detail crops!

/Programs Used: Photoshop 7
/Time Taken: A whole week.
/Final PSD filesize: 498 MB
/Final LayerCount: about 170.
/Full Image Size: 3000×4500 (Posted at 50% full resolution)
/Hardware: Optical Mouse :P

Enjoy :)

Detail Close Ups:
Impacts: [link]
Breaking Asteroids In Atmosphere: [link]
Solar Storm Nebulae (lower left of image): [link]
The Nebulae GrimReaper: [link]
Asteroids Over Planet: [link]
Purple Nebulae: [link]
Solar Storm Wing: [link]

Ok i think thats enough detail shots to keep you all happy :D

Daily Deviation

Given 2004-07-31
Solar Plexus by *j4m3sb0nd shows great use of dynamic range and details to provide a truly invigorating and inspiring Celestial scene. ( Suggested by Domx and Featured by randomcasualty )

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July 29, 2004
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