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End Of The Beginning by cosmicbound End Of The Beginning by cosmicbound
Is it the beginning of the end? No, it is the end of the beginning.

Is this the start of ever lasting conflict? No, it is the start of everlasting peace.

And once the rubble settles, peace will become a reality.


Just a poetic thought that came upon me, so i felt like making an apocalyptic photo manipulation. Ah well hope you all like it, click download for the wallpaper package. Thanks for all feedback!

Stocks from [link] and a nuclear test image i scoured from somewhere on the internet.
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NAVeX-Sniper Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
The Beginning and the End, or "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
The-Last-Dragon-Kni Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
well there wont be anything left but dust and glass. so ya peaceful.
KahunaSniper Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
"---And beginning anew"

Very nice!
firefaire Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010
Excelent work, love the colours! I can almost feel the heat comming off the image
ventirr Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009
:faint: dunkin donuts goes down with me!
1CM Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2008
Just a thought: why is it that we humans seem to think that in order to live peacefully, we must kill each other first?
cosmicbound Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008
Not quite sure that many think that just killing the other is to bring about any long term peace, but humans often innately adopt a selfish method in order to ensure their survival. It offers immediate gratification to the materialistic senses; a shortcut to temporary survival. Thus this behaviour manifests in a grander scale than just a human alone, being reflected in their societies also. As long as this behaviour is deemed necessary, absolute peace can only be assured with the annihilation of all - where once was motion and conflict, none. Thus this piece.
foreverburningflames Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Dude, you might already know this, but you remind me of God Is An Astronaut for this piece:


And for your other pieces:

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Tequilaz0r Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2007
a lil` bit monotone and kinda bright but still r0x
gj bro :)
Dellas18 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007
Excellent! This is an amazing piece. There is a real sense of lost hope in this picture. Great work!
reckinyards Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007
NICE 1!!!:headbang:

Just curious what program do you use to creatate your deviations?
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RJOentertainment Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2006  Hobbyist Interface Designer
wow.... NICE!
humanofprey Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice manipulation!!
Like the explosive effect :thumbsup:
RoccondilRinon Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006
Have you heard Two Suns in the Sunset by Pink Floyd? The picture always makes me think of that song.

Yay! Sydney blown up! Melbourne r0x0rz!
ray-industries Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2006
Yooo this is quite impressive piece of work man X_x
couleur Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2006
I thought the party was just getting started :(
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alistersvperstar Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2006
Very likeable;)
typotypical Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
amazing manipulation
chain Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2006  Professional
I think the horizontal clouds that are lit up in the background should have gone behind the buildings so they don't look so "blended on top". Other than those two cents I think it looks sweet :D
BoffinbraiN Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Wow. It's incredible. And too true as well. Nice poem. :)
cosmicbound Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2006
Thanks! Glad you liked the poem too.
Branchewski Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Woah :jawdrop:!!
dervius Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2006  Professional Artist
fantastic!!!!! :D D :clap:
little-blueshoe Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
sweet though the true end probably wont be as cool. Ha! Love it!
xsetor Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2006
Excellent. Its just .. powerful. Really great work

soloact-the-bard Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2006
:clap: B-)
dragonjewels Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2006  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
.....a scary, but an unimaginable peace :(

A forever long silence in an area now inhospitible for a generation.

Peace should never come at such a price like this.
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Remagoen Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Let us work forward, not backward, and hope that this day does not come. Let it be that it does not take this to invoke peace.
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zep3 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006
Beautiful on my blog

three-planes Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist

One thing though...the buildings seem too transparent. I see what you're doing, but it seems as though all the buildings in the corner seem to blend in too well.
cosmicbound Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2006
Ah, fair comment. Thanks!
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