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Submitted on
March 29, 2009
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Who forms structures amidst the unknowable
Wherein the eternal dialogues lay?
Fanciful constructions of the essence
Existing in philosophical garbs
Dressed in purple, but tattered and torn
Bereft of their own value

Dialogus Aeturnum
Creating infinites through the subsets of infinite
Thus The descriptors of eternity, the finite ad infinitum
And the narrowing perception of that which transcends
The [in]finitude of attributes
An amorphous coalescence of forms


The conscious realisation of forms
An inseparable totality; an amorphous coalescence
Yet perceived
By the narrowed filtration of perceptions
To the angularities that govern
This is a poem I had written a fair while ago (around August last year), but hadn't uploaded. I've now considered sharing it however, having not posted anything in a while, and hopefully this manages to inspire someone or otherwise hold interest, as I've tried to evoke a certain depth of meaning via the coalescence of wording.

Thanks for any feedback in advance.
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abstract and i love it!!
I find this rather enticing a work, with the use of box brackets a welcome choice for the dissection of multiple meanings as if to manifest something of a dualistic nature. Very good, I was unaware you wrote poetry.
Ah, glad you enjoyed it, appropriately, too. Indeed, poetry is another way of directing my creativity -- I have quite a few poems that I haven't shown publically.
Very nice. I would look forward to seeing them [if] ever you were to bring them to light.
Pending on personal judgement as to their quality, I might. Otherwise, you are welcome to request that I share a few with you.
Ah, of course.
mystical-machine-gun Jun 6, 2009
"Thus The..."

Was the capitalisation of the word "the" intentional?

That aside, I like this very much. It's not immediately penetrable, which is good, because it encourages the reader to think carefully about it.

Glad you enjoyed it, in a subtle way as intended.

Interestingly, I don't recall intentionally capitalising the 'The', but reading it now, it does seem to fit, with some agreeable interpretations.
mystical-machine-gun Jun 7, 2009
I can't see any of the 'agreeable interpretations' for myself, although I don't doubt your intentions.
I could share them if you'd like, but it depends upon how much you think that spoils you (or the poem, for that matter), if at all.
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