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February 20, 2006
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Delirium by cosmicbound Delirium by cosmicbound
Confused, drifting in your own world; you are in a state of delirium, flying through space, flying through memory, flying through life. Every colour you have seen, mixing inside your eyes like an artist with an assortment of paint. A whole entire world beckons before your very eyes, only to momentarily change to the next, unable to do nothing, you are left in your psychotic delirium; It is all you have now, the world is in your head & nowhere else.


I quite enjoyed creating this piece, & its great to unveil it at last. For me I have conveyed a sense of depth I was after, more specifically the colourations - the whisps of blue/purple in front of heated colours to bring out depth, also if you notice my attempt to brush gases around the planet to further bring this sense of depth into the piece. I'm hoping others may enjoy it too.

As I do, I've included a wallpaper package; it includes resolutions for 1024×768, 1600×1200, & 1900×1200. Have fun with them! As with just about all my images, I made the picture at a resolution of 3000x4500, at 300 dpi. Photoshop CS1.

Any feedback is always appreciated.
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gantonski Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
very pretty. do you have any tips on how to create realistic dense gas lighting like you have on the bottom right area?
cosmicbound Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
Use blurring filters and multiple layer blends.
bloknayrb Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work. Many people attempt to create less realistic space scenes (intentionally) and fail miserably in every way, but you seem to have hit the nail on the head. This is beautiful, even haunting. The depth in the image works wonderfully and the lighting is excellent.
JozzyKane Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2009
Beautiful. I love the hot firey colors and the sense of depth.
cosmicbound Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2009
thiagochackal Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i loved the nebula
shadowmann Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2006
I love this. the colors are so vibrant and the textures work very well and give so much detail to gaze at! flawless job!! =)

Hidden by Owner
YumZ Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006
The texture you overlaid doesn't fit at all.
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